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Groei360 is a sure-fire remedy for hair loss - we deliver on our hair regrowth promises.

After 25 years' experience in the hair loss industry, we can now introduce this innovative hair loss cure in collaboration with one of the world’s prominent formulating chemists.

Groei360 addresses the inherent causes of hair loss, which is namely an imbalance in the blood circulation of the scalp, nutrients, flora and moisture.

Various factors including environmental changes, chemical imbalanaces and hormonal attacks (DHT) can lead to hair loss and thinning in women and men. Groei360 combats these problems to restore hair to its natural healthy state.

Groei360 will:

  • Reverse hair thinning and hair loss
  • Increase the blood circulation of the scalp
  • Return the imbalanced flora to a natural healthy state
  • Supply the scalp with the vital nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants for continued hydration


Why choose Groei360?

Our exceptional hair loss cure not only stops hair fall, but it also accelerates vital growth with no side effects. Groei360 is formulated with Vitaliste™ which is a patent-pending mixture of plant-based ingredients specifically designed to increase hair growth.

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This non-sticky solution rejuvenates the scalp by addressing the 4 underlying causes of hair loss - the imbalance of the scalp’s blood circulation, damaged scalp flora, missing nutrients and a lack of moisture.

With our 1-step hair growth spray, you don’t require any additional supplements in order to see results.

Groei360 has been found to deliver fast and noticeable hair thickening within as little as 1 month and more than 90% users have witnessed striking difference inside 4-6 months of applying it twice daily, just like this user…

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We have a non-sticky solution that can be used by both males and females, we’re the best value for money, we offer FREE worldwide shipping AND a money back guarantee.

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Reasons for hair loss or thinning

During our life we experience trauma that throws off our defenses and the hair loss cycle begins.

Hair loss or thinning can occur in both men and women with one of the main reason it occurs in woman is hormonal imbalances.

Hormonal imbalances that occur in women can include: puberty, pregnancy, menopause, postmenopausal trauma, or birth control.

Trauma to the scalp that can also cause thinning and hair loss, which includes:

• Chemical exposure
• Environmental causes
• UV exposure
• Pollution
• Dry or low humidity in the environment


Another major factor in male hair loss is DHT.

Experts claim that up to 95% of cases of male pattern baldness occur because of the effects of DHT on the hair follicles.

How much DHT people produce depends almost entirely on their genetic make-up - the more that is produced, the greater and more widespread miniaturization is, resulting in greater hair loss.

Two conditions are related to higher levels of DHT:

  • Male pattern baldness
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) - increase in the size of the prostate

When the hair follicale is starved of vital nutrients by these factors, hair loss occurs... Groei360 will help your scalp with the loss of these vital nutrients.

We have the technology to naturally reverse the hair loss cycle, bring back your hair and make it thicker!


Hair Growth Cycle

The hair follicle grows within the skin (scalp). If you bring the scalp back to a healthy state, it will also bring back the dormant hair follicle.

Some causes of hair loss are poor circulation, hormonal imbalance and nutrition. This all involves the scalp condition and these theories are some of the reasons why we suffer from hair loss.

This can be reversed because of the scalp’s ability to regenerate itself. The scalp replaces its cells around every 21 days (the life cycle of the scalp). The hair follicle lives within the scalp, so it too will be regenerated.

Under the proper conditions, you can replace the damaged hair follicle with renewed healthy hair follicles. Groei360™ Hair Regrowth Solution brings these proper conditions to you scalp.


Hair regrowth is making waves...

…thanks to celebrities in different fields. From Hollywood icon Brendan Fraser to soccer star Wayne Rooney, there is a long list of celebrities who are ready to fight hair loss or thinning without stopping.

Searching for baldness cure is no longer a taboo subject and is discussed across all media regularly.

With the technological advancements and deeper understanding of the causes and the fact that 70% of the population is somehow affected by hair loss or thinning, the attention baldness cure is receiving now is not a matter of surprise.

Hence, regardless of your gender and age… if you’re experiencing a noticeable decline in your hair quantity and quality, we’ve a hair regrowth product that will help you return to your past glory.

The good news is you needn’t pay the celebrity prices to achieve this!

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Groei360 is:

100% natural -- Water soluble containing NO drugs, steroids, sulfates or FDA regulated ingredients - Formulated with Vitaliste™ and other natural plant based ingredients

Safe -- Dermatologist tested with no side effects

Easy to Use -- Spray bottle application, non-stick so does not affect styling of your hair

Economical -- Better value than other leading hair re-growth product

Guaranteed -- 100% Money-Back guarantee - 60 days money back guarantee!


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