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Groei360 helps regrow and thicken your hair…

With so many hair growth solutions available, how can you know which actually work?

We have worked with a formulation chemist who has 25 years experience in the skin and hair industry to bring you a 1 step hair regrowth spray that helps men and women who have saw their increased hair loss or thinning.

At Groei360, we understand the way this condition can cause a loss in confidence and that is why we started out this project to help people regain their hair and their confidence.

We are not a quick solution product, we have developed our spray over years of research and fine tuning. Our product will help you restore your hair naturally and last! Our product helps regrow and thicken your hair from the inside out and this is exactly how it is done:

  • Increases the blood circulation of the scalp
  • Returns the imbalanced flora to its natural state
  • Supplies the scalp with vital nutrients, minerals and anti-oxidants for continual hydration
  • Restores hair loss and thinning

Groei360 is backed up by clinical evidence

The Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM) shows that at the tip of the hair it is thin, weak and has no pigmentation. As Groei360™ Hair Regrowth Solution is applied, the second SEM shows an increase in size, strength and has pigmentation.

As the scalp continues to be brought back to its natural healthy state, the hair in the third SEM shows that it has become thicker and stronger.

The fourth and final SEM shows that the hair, which is less than 2 inches, has almost doubled in diameter in only four months. What is happening here is the hair follicle has been choked by sebum, dead skin and an over production of flora.

This will slowly suffocate the hair follicle, reducing the size of the hair and slow the growth of the hair. That is why in the first SEM the hair is thin, weak and has no pigmentation. If not treated, the hair will suffocate and all that will remain is a thin, weak non-pigmented hair in a dormant state.

By using Groei360™ Hair Regrowth Solution, we can reverse this and bring back your hair naturally.


Groei360 is a 1 step solution for total hair REGROWTH

As stated there are many factors and traumas that cause thinning and hair loss. That is why we have included a formula that not only helps with hair restoration but helps with the continual health of the hair. Below is an explanation of what some of the ingredients do:



This is what really separates Groei360 from other hair care products. This patent pending formula is a complex set of ingredients, comprised of tea tree oil and vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts, sold as an integral component of hair care preparations, cosmetic preparations for the scalp, non-medicated skin care preparations.

Green Tea Extract and Ginseng

indexGreen Tea is well known for its powerful antioxidant properties, due to its high concentration of antioxidant compounds and caffeine. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helps bring blood flow back to the scalp. The benefits of green tea in hair growth is only possible through fabrication of the molecules that are available via supplements and sprays.


Vegetable Glycerin

Hair vitamin serum capsule on white backgroundVegetable Gycerin is used to hydrate the scalp. For hair regrowth to occur the scalp must be hydrated to allow for hair follicles to emerge. This is a vital stage within your treatment. The hydration of your scalp also helps repair and improve the health of your current hair.

Vitamin A,C and E

Vitamin_EWith any scalp or hair rejuvenation, vitamins are vital. Within our product we have a great range of vitamins to ensure you have the best hair possible. Vitamins are a great anti oxident and protect against the traumas that cause hair loss in the first place to ensure that your hair grows back stronger and healthier than ever.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

baking_sodaThis combination of baking soda and vinegar helps the stimulation of the hair regrowth. Throughout your treatment you will have went through many stages, from prevention of hair loss to cleansing of the pores. This ingredient helps with the production of new hair follicles!

Denatured Alcohol

denatured-ethanol_s600x600Denatured alcohol is used as our preservative. This component helps with the surface tension of the product to wick into the hair shaft and clean out the hair shaft. This is a vital part of the hair regrowth process as it is removing the oils and dead skin cells that could prevent hair regrowth.

Do you want to grow your hair back The Groei360 is the one for you