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The first 21 days: Using Groei360 twice daily on the scalp starts to reverse the hair loss cycle. The pores of the scalp are cleansed by oils and dead skin being removed.

Down-Arrow-IconThe 2nd 21 days: The scalp has stopped the hair loss cycle. The imbalance flora is reversed and the new flora is coming back into balance with the scalp.


The 3rd 21 days: Blood flow and capillary action is improving, bringing it back to the scalp.


The 4th 21 days: The scalp starts to regenerate the hair follicle. The vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants are starting to promote hair growth cycle.


The 5th 21 days: The very thin non-pigmented hair starts to grow out. Still inside, the hair follicle is thickening with hair starting to push up the hair shaft.


The 6th 21 days: You will feel, but not see, very fine peach fuzz on your scalp. At this time (Vitaliste™) all four steps are working in balance. The flora is stable and balance and thriving in its natural state. Blood circulation is back and this brings the vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to the scalp that feed the hair follicle.


The 7th 21 days: The peach fuzz has been fully pushed out of the hair shaft with thicker, stronger hair coming through. The hair has a stronger feel to it.


The 8th 21 days: You feel the thicker hair in places where you have not had hair in years! At this time, you may see the hair with some pigment to it.


The 9th 21 days: Your scalp is back to its natural state; hair will continue to grow and you will see results. This will continue in bald areas (the crown and sides will continue to fill in). This is the time to enjoy your new hair! Now all you need to do is use our maintenance schedule (2 or 3 times per week)

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This before and after was sent in by a user who went to her hairdresser in a panic that she felt her hair had thinning drastically over a period of months.

As you can see in the before picture, there is a significant area which has caused her concern due to the thinning.

You can see that the users hair has become much healthy looking with the affected area seeing hair restoration.

She was so happy with the results, she sent these pictures in.


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